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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I practice Naturopathy anywhere when I graduate from New Eden School?

    At New Eden we teach traditional naturopathy. This natural health art is recognized in all fifty states except South Carolina and Tennessee. Since traditional naturopaths do not diagnose or treat they can legally exercise their practice. It is not to be confused with naturopathic medicine that Naturopathic Physicians practice, they are licensed in about 19 states to diagnose and treat.

    See for current Naturopathic laws

    Traditional Naturopathy can be practiced in just about any country. Some countries have government regulations and registrations that you need to be aware of like Switzerland, Hungary, and Germany. Always check your country's laws.

  2. Can I use the ND title in states where naturopathic Physicians have obtained exclusive licensure?

    You have to check with your State. If you cannot bear the ND, you can bear the NP (Naturopathic Practitioner).

    We encourage our graduates to obtain board certification with the  ACHM or the ANCB.

    Some programs and designations that can be used in States where you cannot bear the ND status would be:

    Natural Health Practitioner (NHP)

    Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)

    Naturopathic Practitioner (NP)

    Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

    Alternative Medicine Diplomate (AMD)

    Naturopathic Counselor (NC)

    Licensed naturopathic physicians must fulfill state-mandated continuing education requirements annually, and will have a specific scope of practice defined by their state's law. The states that currently have licensing laws for naturopathic physicians are:






    District of Columbia







    New Hampshire

    North Dakota





    United States Territories: Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

    Naturopaths cannot practice in Tennesse and South Carolina.

    Florida is a restricted State also.

  3. Can I freely practice as an Herbalist?

    Yes, you can.

    Presently, there exists no licensure in the United States for Herbalists. They can freely practice, as long as they do not diagnose or treat.

  4. Will my transcripts be accepted at other schools for credit?

    It totally depends on the school.

    New Eden has professional accreditation, not government accreditation.

    professional accreditation is very important because it means that the

    accreditation board is made up of MD'S, ND'S, DO'S, DC'S and other

    professional practitioners.

  5. How do I navigate this website?

    It is simple:

    start with the homepage and look at the various programs that are available. Once you have decided the curriculum of interest, click the appropriate program.

    When you are ready to move foward, click on Apply Now and follow its instructions.

  6. How does the New Eden School distance learning work?

    All our curriculums are via distance learning. You can start studying anytime you want and at the pace you want.

    The first step is to carefully view our curriculums to see what you would be interested in and then submit an enrollment application.

    Once an application is submitted with the fee, we will review it and let you know what documents we need. After reviewing all the documentation the next step is a board determination concerning acceptance into the school program you chose. Lastly, before you can begin your course of study, an enrollment agreement must be signed followed with the course(s) or curriculum payment.    

    Our programs are some of the best in the country.

    They are completed one course at a time and at the end of the curriculum you are awarded your diploma or degree.

    One can enroll in more than one course at a time, it is up to the student.

    Students can pay a course at a time or pay the whole curriculum in advance.

    The courses consist of:

    * An eBook, textbook, or both.

    * Course instructions and study questions or open book exam.

    The textbooks and eBooks are purchased separately from the course, unless otherwise indicated.

    The structure of each course is simple; with each chapter or section a student completes to read from the eBook/textbook, he/she is required to complete the open book exam which is made up of essay questions and some true/false questions. When the exam is entirely completed for the whole course, it is emailed to the school where it is graded by an instructor. Instructors are available via email to answer questions related to a course.

    The syllabus is the table of contents in the textbook or eBook used.

    Note: Most of the eBook courses consist of study questions which do not need to be turned in but kept to prepare for the course exam which is emailed to you upon request, meaning when you are ready to take it.




  7. What are these curriculum(s) designed for?

    All the New Eden School programs have the sole purpose of educating students in the natural health arts and sciences. They are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating illness or disease.

  8. How are grievances handled?

    They are to be addressed to the director of the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies by email or mail.

  9. Can I legally give individual nutritional counseling as a CNC or C.H.N ?

    It depends on the particular State that you are in. Some 23 states require a state license, the others do not. Check your State. All nutritionists can educate, give general natural health guidance and sell nutritional products.In the States where there is a need for a Detition license, all unlicensed nutritionists and natural health professionals will not be able to offer a one-on-one nutritional counseling session which consists of  a vitamin-mineral and dietary assessment.

    See your State status at: 

  10. What if I fail an exam?

    An exam can be taken over once at no cost, additional attempts require a 60.00 fee.

  11. Are there any additional fees for pursuing more than one degree?

    Each additional desired certificate, diploma or degree requires a new application submission with its fees.

  12. Which diploma(s) and designation(s) have free practice in all 50 states and abroad without a need for a license?

    The following have the exercise of freedom in all fifty States, if not the globe:

    Certified Wellness Counselor

    Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor

    Holistic Health Practitioner 

    Natural Health Consultant  Certificate

    Certified Natural Health Counselor Certificate or Diploma

    Natural Health Practitioner Diploma (NHP)

    Certified Herbalist Certificate

    Master Herbalist Diploma

    Certified Iridologist Certificate

    Certified Biblical Wellness Coach Certificate

    This is a short list.

    Note: If a survey or questionnaire is included in the practice or business, it should to be called a Natural Health Survey, a Holistic Health Survey or a Wellness Survey.

  13. Can an individual practice in other countries with a New Eden School education?

    A graduate can practice in most countries but it is advised to check the laws of a particular country. It is especially important to check a country's law concerning Naturopathy. What a graduate cannot do in any country is diagnose or treat. 

  14. Can I enroll in more than one program?

    Yes, and you do not have to repeat courses you have already taken. Courses or programs completed will be credited to any additional program or degree you want to pursue. Each additional program you enroll in requires an enrollment application submission with its fee. This has been in effect since September 1, 2013

    Note: A program is completed one at a time.

  15. Is New Eden School totally distance learning?

    Yes, for now we are. You study at home or at the office. An individual can start studying through our school at anytime and finish at anytime.

  16. What are the tuition payment options?

    Here at New Eden School, we make it easy and affordable.  Most students select the Pay Per Course Option Plan where there is no down payment and a student pays a course at a time. Average course cost is ($150.00) excluding the textbooks.

    Some students pay their curriculum or program in advance and they receive a 15% discount for doing so.

    These are our two options.

  17. Does New Eden School offer any field experience or internship?


    We direct graduates to experienced practitioners so they can have clinical time or practicum. See our Resource Center.

    As of January 2017, Lawrence DeSantis, ND offers two workshops a year (June and October) where students and practitioners can receive hands-on training for several days. The workshops are in Illinois but they may expand to other cities in the future. See for more information and click on Natural Health and Wellness Worshop.

  18. What is the refund policy?

    We only have two options for payments:

    The Pay Per Course Option

    Here the student pays a course at a time and has no obligation to continue. The student can drop out at any time but there is no refund on any particular course after ten days of purchase.

    Payment in Full in Advance

    This is a full payment on a program or curriculum at a 15% discount. Refunds are granted in the first six months of enrollment. After six months New Eden reserves the right to deny a refund. Refunds are granted on courses not sent out to the student. There is a 5% charge for refunds.

  19. Is there any extra charge for international students?

    The only extra charge may be when it comes time to mail out the diploma or degree. Shipping costs over 7.00 dollars will be charged to the graduate.

  20. What order are the courses taken in a particular program?

    In the order they appear on our website or on your acceptance letter.

  21. What are the options to paypal payment?

    Sending a check in U.S currency or Western Union.

    Contact us concerning specifics in Western Union payments.

  22. Can I add additional courses to my selected program?


    As long as you fulfill the required courses for a program, you can take any additional courses.

  23. Can I just enroll in one course instead of a whole program?

    Yes, you can.

    Enrolling in a course(s) instead of a program is simple.

    Just visit the Single Course Section of our website and follow the instructions.

    No application fee required

  24. How are the courses structured?

    A course can consist of an eBook and a textbook or just a texbook,  or only an eBook.

    It works this way:

    When you make payment on a course you receive the course instructions, the open book exam (s) and an instructor for questions.

    The course instructions directs you where to purchase your eBook and/or textbook.

    This is the self-paced process of the distance learning method.

    Note: In 2016 a student portal will be added to our website so students can take exams online and receive an immediate grade for a course.


  25. Is your school approved for FAFSA, Financial Aid or other assistance?


    We are a private school with professional accreditation. We do not qualify for government assistance.

  26. I see New Eden is a non profit in Indiana, and I was wondering if you could write off tuition on your taxes?

    Yes, you can.

    You would need our Identification or EIN number for this purpose.

  27. Are the courses downloadable once a student makes the payment?


    Since August 5, 2014 a student can go to the Description of Courses section of our website and make a course payment that responses with an immediate download of the course.

  28. Can I perform in-house simple lab tests like the R.B.T.I Urine-Saliva testing without a CLIA license?

    Below is the answer the State of Michigan gave one inquirer:

    Hello. This is in response to my communication about being able to perform RBTI analysis.



    Thank you for your guidance.

    I was wondering, in regards to conducting RBTI urine and saliva tests, i know it depends upon the state, but since I am a little new to this, how do practitioners in this field apply for certificate. According to the CLIA in my state (Michigan) there are four options:


    1. Determine which type of CLIA certificate is needed. There are four types of CLIA certificates.

    • Certificate of Waiver: Performs tests granted waived status by the FDA. The cost of the certificate is $150.00 every two years.

    • Certificate of Microscopy (PPM): This allows the provider and only the provider to use a microscope to perform microscopic procedures (KOH Wet Mount, Urine Sediment Exam, etc.). The laboratory may also perform waived tests under a PPM certificate. The cost of the certificate is $200.00 every two years.

    • Certificate of Compliance: A laboratory that performs tests categorized as waived, PPM, and non-waived tests (moderate and/or highly complex). The cost of the certificate is dependent on the number of non-waived tests performed annually.

    • Certificate of Accreditation: A laboratory that performs tests categorized as waived, PPM, and non-waived (moderate and/or highly complex) and the laboratory chooses to be accredited by an approved accreditation organization. The cost of the certificate fee (this is in addition to the accreditation fee) is based on the number of tests performed annually.

    Also, even if I could apply for this, they ask for your medical license for all of the options except the first one (Certificate of Waiver)

     Thank you!

    Note: A certificate of waiver would apply to our graduates but it is best to check your State's laws.  Generally speaking, if one recommends a client to check their own pH with pH strips or instructs them to complete a bloodspot test kit so it can be mailed out to a lab, there is no need for a lab license or waiver. Of couse, always check your State rules and regulations.


  29. Is your school accredited by an organization approved by the United States Department of Education?

    Accreditation is voluntary in the United States.

    We chose professional (private) accreditation as opposed to government sanctioned accreditition in order to offer students a high quality education at a lower cost.

  30. How long is the waiting time for a grade on a submitted course exam?

    Exams are generally graded within 24 to 48 hours but may take up to 6 business days to be graded and emailed to the student.

    This is excellent compared to many schools that take 2-3 weeks.

    Note: In 2016 a student portal will be added to our website so students can take exams online and receive an immediate grade for a course.


  31. How long has New Eden School been in operation?

    New Eden School was established in 2010 as a non for profit educational institute.

  32. Can I take my exams online and receive an instant score?

    This feature will be available in September of 2017

  33. What if the Exam Online is down and I want to take an exam?

    You can request the exam to be emailed to you.

    Note: Exam Online for the eBook courses (with instant score results) will be available sometime in September of 2017.

    It will be in 2018 before most of the course exams can be taken online. 

  34. What is the best and quickest way to get my questions answered concerning a course, a program, or the school in general?

    The quickest way to get in contact with someone at New Eden School  is by email. Emails are generally answered within 24-48 hours.  Phone calls generally take longer.

    Note: We are a school that for the most part operates online and through the email system.

  35. For the NHP and ND doctorate programs, can I choose my courses and elective courses later?


    The courses need to be chosen at the time of admission.

  36. What will my tuition be if I hold a degree from another natural health school and desire courses I have taken to be waived?

    Minimum Tuition Fee:

    There is a minimum tuition fee for those that hold awards from other natural health schools and want their courses to be waived in a program. The rules are as follows:

    * 600.00 minimum tuition fee per degree program

    * 400.00 minimum tuition fee per diploma program

    * 250.00 minimum tuition fee per certificate program

    These minimums hold regardless of discounts. Applicants have the option to take elective courses or just pay the fee.

  37. Is it necessary to be board certified, registered or licensed after graduating from a program?


    Registration, board certification or license with a respected organization is valuable for accountability and public confidence but these are not necessary for starting and operating a business or practice with a New Eden School award.

    Our position is that these do offer great benefits, therefore we encourage registration, board certification or licensure.

  38. Which email address should I send my correspondence to?

    All correspondence should be sent to [email protected]

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