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How to become a nutritional counselor

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on October 16, 2017 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (6)

How to become a nutritional counselor

Have you always had a strong desire to help others find their way through to optimum health? If so, one of the options is to become a nutritional counselor. A nutritional counselor offers natural health solutions to typical health concerns such as weight loss, diabetes, infertility, and other health worries. Whether you want to open up your own natural health practice or become a part of someone's existing natural medical practice, you will need to become certified.

Getting the right training as a nutritional counselor

The path to become a nutritional counselor is not a difficult one. The first and most important part of the process is to take courses in the field that you are interested in. The courses should be comprehensive and well rounded and should include all of the training that is needed to help you pass the certification exam. With the right training, you will have the full certification you need to get started in your chosen career field.

What to expect from the training

When it comes to training, the student will receive a holistically led curriculum which effectively informs the student on how to guide and educate the public. The student will learn how to help their clients attain a higher level of health and wellbeing by making the best natural health choices.

A fulfilling career ahead

Individuals wishing to pursue a path as a natural health counselor will find that they will have a fulfilling career ahead of them. All that is needed is to sign up for the right courses to get started on a lifelong path to helping others achieve optimum health and well being. A diploma in nutritional counseling will be awarded upon completion of the series of studies. Taking the time to complete this course will allow the student to start on a fulfilling journey ahead.

New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies offers well rounded nutritional counseling courses for students of all experience levels. Find out more when you visit them online at

What to expect from an alternative medicine course

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on April 11, 2017 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (4)

What to expect from an alternative medicine course

The alternative medicine field is a growing and expanding one that is comprised of a variety of alternative disciplines. If you are interested in pursuing an alternative medicine degree, you will need to sign up at a natural health school. The natural health school you choose will be the one responsible for instructing you on all aspects of alternative medicine as it relates to your degree. Once you have graduated, you will be awarded a diploma or certificate that represents your mastery of the information you have learned.

Learn a variety of natural remedies

Many natural health practitioners believe that the majority of conditions can be corrected with the help of natural medicine. This is in fact the premise behind natural and alternative medicinal courses of study. A variety of materials are taught that relate to natural health medicine including iridology, herbology, acupuncture, massage, and many more healing modalities. One size does not fit all for every patient and so the student obtaining their alternative medicine degree will learn everything they need to know. With this knowledge they can apply it as they see fit to assist their patients.

Work in a clinic or private practice

After obtaining an alternative medicine degree, you will be well equipped to work in either a private practice or a clinic. You can get the trusted education you need from a local college or you can even sign up for courses online. Once you have completed this comprehensive course of study, you will be able to work in any natural health clinic or you can opt to open up your very own private practice and take patients directly.

An alternative medicine degree allows you to pursue a career as a natural health practitioner. This very rewarding career path is available for all those who are ready to get started with an alternative medicine practice.

At New Eden School of Natural Health, we offer a variety of different courses of study for our students. Visit us online to learn more information about our services at

What to expect from iridology training

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on March 8, 2017 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (1)


What to expect from iridology training

Many natural health practitioners are looking for new and interesting ways to address health concerns. Although not a new practice, iridology describes the study of the iris as a way to see any imbalances that may be present in the body. If the body is weak in certain organs, it is purported that changes in the lines, markings, rings, and spots of the iris will be able to reflect those changes. One can pursue this course of study and look into finding out whether or not iridology training is right for their goals.

The study of the iris

Iridology is the study of the iris in relation to the health of the body. It is said that the iris can depict certain changes occurring in the body which allows the practitioner to make estimated assumptions and related suggestions for improving these bodily conditions. Iridology training provides in depth information in an organized course of study for students who are interested in this field. If you have been considering iridology training, you can benefit from learning all you need to know from a trusted local school.

Where to get iridology training

One can get iridology training from a trusted local school or online from an accredited natural health school. The school should offer an in depth course of study on iridology training that will fully prepare the student for exactly what they need to know about this field. There are specific course requirements that one should be aware of beforehand. Getting these basic requirements completed will allow one to be well prepared for what lies ahead with the basic fundamentals of an iridology training course.

What iridology courses include

Iridology course include a wide variety of information relating to the study of the iris including that the oculomotor nerve relays information to the iris from each organ of the body. By examining the iris, specifically the color, shape, lightness or darkness, and depth of the fibers of the iris, it is possible to determine the state of health of specific organs in the body. Biology and anatomy will be touched on in the course as a part of the entire, comprehensive program.

Ultimately students pursuing iridology training will find that it leads to a very rich and rewarding career path.

At New Eden School of Natural Health, you can find out more about iridology training. Visit us online to learn more information about our services at

Is becoming a nutritional counselor right for you?

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on January 6, 2017 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Is becoming a nutritional counselor right for you?

Do you find yourself always coaching friends and family about how to eat better and live a healthier life? If so, you may have uncovered a potentially very rewarding career path. As a nutritional counselor, you can help individuals of all ages to make better food choices that are in alignment with their desire for improved health and well being. Exploring your interests and career goals in depth can help you to decide whether or not nutritional counselor training is right for you.

You work well with others in person

When you are exploring your options as a nutritional counselor, it helps to identify your main passion. Some people enjoy teaching others remotely and virtually such as through e-books and online courses. However other people prefer to work with others one on one. If you are not shy of in person counseling and you feel that this would be a rewarding path, then you might want to explore nutritional counselor training. Once you have completed this program of study, you can go on to take on your very own clients.

You enjoy teaching

As a nutritional counselor, you will be teaching others how to eat better and make healthier food choices. You should naturally enjoy teaching and helping others to learn new ways to take care of themselves through better nutrition. The right nutritional counselor training will help you best prepare for a rewarding career path as a nutritional counselor.

You can always meet with a member of the staff to ask them any questions before you make your decision. Ultimately, you will be able to provide people with the help they need so they can get as healthy as possible with the right diet. Once you have made your choice, you can sign up for nutritional counselor training online and get started with your new career!

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies offers nutritional counselor training classes. Browse our website to find out more information and to register for classes today.

Is an alternative medicine degree right for you?

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on December 2, 2016 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Individuals interested in learning about naturopathic health and natural healing practices, should look into an alternative medicine degree. This degree is provided by a school that can deliver a certification upon completion of the necessary courses. An alternative medicine degree will include a wide variety of classes and courses such as Energy Medicine courses, Naturopathic courses, Aromatherapy courses, and more. Understanding how to proceed with getting an alternative medicine degree will allow you to decide if this course of study is right for you.

What are you passionate about?

Prior to getting an alternative medicine degree, you will need to explore what your passions are. If you are passionate about helping others to heal with natural remedies then this career path may be just what you are looking for. Not everyone interested in the natural healing arts needs a complete alternative medicine degree. Instead, they can consider other career paths such as energy healing, herbalism, or aroma therapy. However if you're passionate about everything involved in alternative medicine then an alternative medicine degree is something you should seriously consider.

How long does it take?

Completing an alternative medicine degree course takes a fair amount of time depending on the school that you are attending. Some schools structure the courses to be completed in a year while others follow a four or two year course regime. Prior to enrolling in an alternative medicine degree program, you can consider contacting the school of your choice to see how long the program will last.

What topics are covered?

There are many different topics you learn about as you proceed to work towards your degree. Some of the topics that will be covered include homeopathy, herbology, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, anatomy and Biology.

At New Eden School of Natural Health and herbal studies, you can receive an alternative medicine degree to assist you in meeting your career objectives. Find out more information by exploring our website and contact us with any inquiries by emailing us at [email protected]

What to expect from nutritional counselor training

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on December 2, 2016 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (1)

At an accredited distance learning school of the natural healing arts, you can learn how to be a nutritional counselor. Nutritional counselor training includes a wide variety of different topics such as aromatherapy courses, energy healing courses, Kinesiology reflexology, acupuncture and many other related nutritional counselor training subjects. If you are considering a course of study in this field, it is essential to be prepared for what lies ahead. Ultimately you will be well trained in the natural healing arts which will allow you to provide exceptional care for your clients.

Understanding the requirements

Prior to beginning your course of study as a nutritional counselor, you will need to have completed the basic requirements to get started. These will include completing your high school diploma or GED program of study. Its foundation is an important part of being well prepared to take the more advanced courses that the nutritional counselor training includes. If you do not have your high school diploma or GED, getting started with this course of study first is essential.

Exploring options for after graduation

After completing a nutritional counselor training program, you will be well equipped to work at a health center that focuses on natural healing. You will also be well-equipped to open your own practice in the natural healing arts with a focus on nutrition. A nutritional counselor is an individual who is able to help people make healthy choices about food and supplements for ongoing health and well-being.

If you are passionate about helping others live better and live a healthier life through food and supplement choices they make, then you will benefit from nutritional counselor training. Start by enrolling at your local nutritional counselor school and considered the convenience of enrolling online.

At New Eden School of Natural Health and herbal studies, you can receive nutritional counselor training to assist you in meeting your career objectives. Find out more information by exploring our website for and contact us with any inquiries by calling (219) 230-6102.

Herbal Medicine Degree: What You Need To Know

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on November 5, 2016 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Are you considering an herbal medicine degree but you are not quite sure about the courses that it entails? A degree in herbal medicine enables you to identify the plants which  possess medicinal properties. Herbs can help a broad range of health conditions in a safer way. The best part is that with an herbal medicine degree, the students begin their studies at a very foundational level. You will begin with the introduction to herbalism including both the practical and theoretical foundation of the course, and make your way through a range of courses including biochemistry, homeostasis, organic gardening, nutrition, chemistry, ecology, first aid remedies etc.


A fundamental aim of an herbal medicine degree is to enable the student to not only grow the herbs with medicinal properties but also to make customized preparations as well. A certificate or diploma in herbal medicine, as offered by a range of institutions around the world, confines the courses to the basics of herbalism. However a professional herbal medicine degree (undergrad/grad) widens the horizons by incorporating holistic health, complementary medicine, and even client communication courses. This enables the students to make use of medicinal herbs for the purpose of health management as well as disease prevention.


With the ever increasing disappointments of allopathic medicine and its everlasting dependence on prescription drugs, herbal medicine has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Since the pharmaceutical brands have now clearly been debunked as not the savior of the world of medicine, it can be speculated that the popularity of herbal medicine is only destined to increase in the years to come. Herbal medicine is not only an alternative to orthodox medicine. It is only a matter of time before it finds it way into the common practices of orthodox medicine. Considering this, it won't be wrong to conclude that numerous opportunities wait for the students wishing to pursue an herbal medicine degree in the future.


For the best education in herbal medicine and for more information about getting your herbal medicine degree, consider New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies. Visit them online for more information at http//

What Does A Career with an Alternative Medicine Degree Look Like?

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on October 7, 2016 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The term "alternative medicine" or "complementary and alternative medicine" is a catch-all that can include anything from licensed and professional practitioners of chiropractics and acupuncture to someone who once read a book about being a lifestyle coach. The broader categories of alternative medicine often include


If you are interested in learning more about getting an alternative medicine degree, there are many different kinds of academic programs available, both in person and online. You can earn anything from a certificate in your specialty (like massage therapy) to a Ph.D. or ND (naturopathic doctor), depending on your program and area of interest.

Most alternative medicine degree programs are just as academically rigorous, if not more so, than traditional educations. To earn a BS, students are often required to take courses in: English, computers, communications, humanities, math, social science, natural science, behavioral science, biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology. And that’s before you even get to the fun courses in alternative medicine.

Career Prospects

If you wish to practice on clients or patients, after you earn your alternative medicine degree you will need to be licensed by the state board that governs your area (if there is one). Before hanging out your diploma or degree, do due diligence to ensure that you are following the letter of the law, and have yourself properly covered with malpractice/liability insurance, etc.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a generally positive view for careers in alternative medicine. While most people in the western world choose to treat serious conditions with traditional medicine, a lot of people in the US are comfortable supplementing with alternatives like herbs, massage, aromatherapy, etc. The salaries can be rewarding, too. The USBLS says the average massage therapist will earn $37,180 per year in 2016-2017 and experienced NDs can earn up to $200,000 per year.

There is room to grow in this burgeoning field. There is also a lot of interest in it, both from potential patients/clients and practitioners. If you’d like to learn more about how to earn and use your alternative medicine degree, consider New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies. Visit them online for more information at

Deciding the Course of Action for an Aromatherapy Course

Posted by Lawrence DeSantis on August 9, 2016 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Aromatherapy has transformed itself from being a traditional practice to a booming industry. It is popular in almost every continent and many people are aware of its nature and application. The number of people practicing aromatherapy in their homes is increasing rapidly. The booming industry has brought into spotlight aromatherapy career opportunities and with that a requirement for well-trained and dedicated people.

Aromatherapy courses are available anywhere and everywhere from the natural food store to the internet. However, as of now, there is no standardized curriculum for aromatherapy, so the content and quality of the classes vary widely, which means that before you decide on which aromatherapy course to take up, you need to do thorough research.

TCM Training and Product

Learning aromatherapy is a time consuming process but the length of aromatherapy course varies greatly. Before deciding on which aromatherapy course to take up, one should keep the following things in mind:

Do your research

The first and foremost requirement is a little research and an overview of what Aromatherapy Courses are available. Find out about the risks and benefits of aromatherapy and how it is practiced. Also familiarize yourself with terms and names that you come across frequently and make a list of questions that you have in mind.

Keep in mind your goal

Next, decide your goal in taking an aromatherapy course. Do you want to make your own essential oils? Is it a simple curiosity or do you want to become a professional practitioner? Once you are clear about your goals you may require more research.


It is very important to know who will be teaching the aromatherapy courses and the qualifications of that person. What is the level of training and experience the person has in aromatherapy?


Find out what the aromatherapy courses will cover and in what detail. Which are the smells that you will you learn about? Will you learn about the effects and the safety concerns for each of them? How to blend and use them and in what concentration? Can they be used for pregnant women, children and the elderly? Make sure that course covers most of the things you want to learn.


Is it a formal course of study with classes and tests? If yes, will a certificate be provided and will the same have recognition? Is it an informal course that will provide you basic overview about aromatherapy? Make sure you understand what you will have to do to complete the course.

Some Ways to Take an Aromatherapy Course


Self study is the simplest and the most common way for individuals to begin expanding their aromatherapy knowledge. Self study involves going through various books and websites that provide information on aromatherapy and then practicing the information that one has assimilated. Self-study is a wonderful method for introducing aromatherapy into your lifestyle. However, self-study may not teach you everything you wish to learn.

For more information about aromatherapy courses, consider New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies. Visit them online to register for classes at