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Accreditation / School Approvals / Membership

AANWP and ANWPB Accreditation


New Eden School has been granted full accreditation with the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) and The American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board (ANWPB).
Graduates of New Eden School are eligible for Board Certification.


Full Accreditation with the American Council for Holistic Medicine (ACHM)

Graduates will be eligible to apply for board certification.
This organization offers board certification at every level of training.The ACHM offers clinical training for graduates. All our programs are accredited by the ACHM.

Accreditation for an institution means that the institution has been reviewed by an independent agency (organization) that has certified that the school meets a certain standard of educational quality. The accrediting body monitors the accredited school on a yearly basis to make sure that certain standards are continually met. A graduate from an accredited school has access to certain privileges offered by that accrediting body, like board certification.

By law, accreditation is voluntary in the Unites States and not mandatory. 



New Eden School has school approval with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP)

Graduates can apply for registration as Natural Health Practitioners, Registered Naturopaths, Iridologists, and more.


New Eden has school approval with the American Naturopathic Certification Board.

Graduates can apply to become Board Certified Naturopaths.


New Eden is an Approved Training Provider for the International Institute for Complementary Therapies. This entity offers professional insurance and other benefits in many countries.

Note: A school approval indicates that an organization has done research on a school and has approved it to be listed on their website for recommendation to the public. Graduates from such schools can then apply for registration, board certification, or a license with that organization. 

 New Eden School is sanctioned by the IIPA, see

New Eden School has membership with the American Herbalist Guild.