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Iridology and Sclerology Programs


1. Certified Iridologist (CI)

Iridology is the assessment of the body according to the irides (the colored area of the eye).The iris is one of the most complex structures of human anatomy. To an Iridologist, specific areas of the irides correspond to specific organs, tissues and body areas; and colors and textures suggest biochemical changes. The topography of the iris as it relates to the rest of the body has been mapped by practitioners over the last 400 years. More recently physicians have been able to study patients before and after operations and confirm signs within the iris and compare with the tissues and organs by the use of autopsies.

This program is mostly composed of eBook courses.


High School Graduation or GED completion

Time to Complete:

Four to six months by distance learning.
The CI program is approved and sanctioned by the IIPA.

Outline of Courses:

Total Credit Hours: 12

Tuition: $720.00

$60.00 per credit hour
All materials and access to instructors are included in the tuition except the textbooks and the eBooks.
All the courses are the two credit hour version of the original except for the Iris Analysis course.

Information on Course: NES 500 Iris Analysis Credit 4


Techniques in Iris Analysis, Textbook for Iridology by Ellen Tart-Jensen, PH. D, D.Sc, CCII

Text Availability:

Bernard Jensen International or (Kindle version available here)


Excellent course using one of the most up to date Iridology textbooks available in the world today.
Clearly written with hundreds of color photographs and illus­trations.
This book is positioned to become the new standard in the Science of Iridology.

Award: Certificate in Iridology and Natural Health

Designation: Certified Iridologist (CI)

Graduates are encouraged to become members of the IIPA: International Iridology Practitioners Association at

2. Certified Iridologist Practitioner (C.I.P)

The C.I.P Advanced Diploma Program is one of the most comprehensive available


High School Graduation or GED completion

Time to Complete:

Self-paced, generally 12 to 18 months
The C.I.P program is approved and sanctioned by the IIPA

Outline of Courses:

Total Credit :38

Cost: $2280.00

$60.00 per credit
Certain courses include the eBooks in the tuition. Textbooks not included


Advanced Diploma in Iridology and Integrative Wellness Approaches

Designation: Certified Iridologist Practitioner (C.I.P)

Graduates are encouraged to become members of the IIPA: International Iridology Practitioners Association at

3. Certified Sclerologist (C.S.) Program

Sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines, colorations and markings in the white of the eye. This art is at least 1 000 years old and it has proven its validity over time. Sclerology complements Iridology and other wellness assessment arts.
This certificate program consists of excellent courses which lead to professional formation.



Time to Complete:

Self-paced, generally takes 4-6 months to complete.

Outline of Courses:

Total Credit : 12

Cost: $720.00

$60.00 per credit
Textbooks and eBooks are not included in the tuition.

Award: Certificate in Sclerology and Natural Health

Designation: Certified Sclerologist (C.S.)

With the completion of all of the additional recommended courses, a diploma award can be earned.
Graduates are encouraged to apply for membership with the International Sclerology Institute (ISI) at
Graduates can apply for membership or for a RNHP registration with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP)

Sanctioned by the IIPA

The International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA) has sanctioned our Iridology programs.
New Eden School has students throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.


Foot Glyphology combined with Sclerology and Iridological findings provides an over 90% accuracy in wellness assessment. New Eden School grants 3 credit hours to those taking the Foot Glyphology ® Certification Course from Dr. Jack Tips. Click here for information.

IICT – Approved Training Provider
New Eden School Of Natural Health & Herbal Studies
Registered Natural Health Practitioner

Iridologists can apply to for a Registered
Natural Health Practitioner (RNHP) registration
with the IANHP at a

Business Professional

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NSP Products

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New Eden School offers Integrative Wellness Approaches to Iridological and Scleral Findings

Energy Medicine

Bio-electric Magnetic Energy Therapy is a natural and safe modality to be used with iridological findings. For more information click here.


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Pet Iridology

Canine and Feline Iridology Click here


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