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Student Policies

  1. Always refer to your acceptance letter for your course outline, do not go by the website in case the program changes. Courses must be completed in order.
  2. Students may only take up to twelve credit hours at one time. Exams will still need to be submitted in order.
  3. Always read the course instructions for each course as not all exams are submitted the same way.
  4. Students must complete a minimum of one course in a six month period. Please contact us if an extension is needed. 
  5. Exams
    • Exams that are emailed in should ONLY be emailed to Please do not email the exams to the instructors (we do not accept mailed-in exams).
    • When emailing in exams, please use the following subject line: Exam for (name of the course and credit hours) Example: Exam for Anatomy and Physiology Credit 4.
    • Always include your full name in the email.
    • These exams should only be sent in a .doc or .pdf format.
    • Please send the exam in only ONE attachment.
    • Handwritten exams should be printed on a separate sheet of paper. Please keep everything neat, clearly numbered, and in order.
  6. Contacting the school
    • Send all emails to
    • When emailing us, please always remember to include your full name in case we have to pull up your file.
    • Use a simple subject line (i.e. Exam Question, Payment Question, General Question, etc.).
    • When asking a question about a course or exam, please let us know the name of the course as it is written at the top of each course,  how many credit hours it is,  the question number, and type out the full question.
  7. Payments
    • ALWAYS double-check the amount you are paying. If it is not correct (see acceptance letter for your tuition rate), please contact us for how to pay for your course before you pay for it.
    • If you chose to pay per course and you later decide to pay in full, we will offer a 15% discount. The remaining tuition must be above 35% of the total tuition remaining on the program after the discount.
  8. Transferring to a different program
    • Please submit a new application to begin the transfer process. If this is your first transfer, there will be no charge. There is a $50 fee for each transfer after.
    • Once we receive your application, we will then review what courses can be transferred over and send you a new acceptance letter and a new enrollment agreement to sign and return.
    • Please do not continue with courses until after we send you payment instructions.
  9. Taking another program
    • Once you receive the grade for your last course, you may submit the new application and application fee for the next program
    • At that time, we will go through and waive all previously completed courses and adjust the tuition.
    • We will then send you a new acceptance letter and an enrollment agreement to sign and return.
    • Please do not continue with courses until after we send you payment instructions.