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New Eden School has numerous students and many graduates, here are some testimonials from them.
Testimonials: Senior Taiwanese woman working on laptop

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I am enjoying the program! I really like your format! I am learning so much! There is a lot of information received from the other school I went to for Natural Health Consultant, but the way in which the information is presented in DeSantis’ books, makes it easily digestible. Instead of just an outpouring of facts, you explain them in a way I can absorb. Thank you for doing such a great job! And I especially love that I know that it is all coming from a Christian perspective. I saw that Beth O’Hara went to your school also and that further made me interested. I look forward to continuing courses even after the program is over. It would be wonderful if you have a course on Mold at some point :-). Thanks again!!

Kimberly T.

I just want to let you know that I am so glad I studied with your school. Getting my diploma through New Eden gave me the confidence to speak at my first wellness seminar recently. I think the audience enjoyed it as much as I did. I will definitely continue to recommend you.
Allison Malher-Gjerde, USA, Master Herbalist Graduate

I am really enjoying these courses and I am pleased to inform you that I am applying the principles that I am learning and it has improved my quality of life and I have more energy and feel great. A heart felt thank you and keep up the good work.
Oneika Sinclair, Jamaica, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Student

I am enjoying the courses a lot and in my humble opinion your program is the most comprehensive and deep throughout the nation. Your system is effective and interesting, not boring like other institutions or school programs. Thank you for providing the highest quality ND program.
H. Gonzalez, Puerto Rico, ND Program

Thank you so much for your assistance and advice while I was enrolled in the ND program. I experienced nothing but first class rate advice and guidance. All of my calls and emails were answered in a very timely manner. I feel that your institution is second to none as far as I am concerned.
Thomas M.Gills, ND, Doctor of Naturopathy Graduate, USA

This three-year journey has been rewarding for me, as I come to the completion of my Doctoral Program at New Eden School of Natural Health.

Collectively, all of the enlightening classes, significant seminars, excellent books to use as a future reference, are a gateway into my profession as a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Over time, in the course of studying in this ND program, my mind bears the relentless hours spent in my office, as a Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor. Now I can say, I have been operating as a Counselor, educating my clients on how to overcome health issues, accompanied by Natural Medicine, especially from a biblical perspective,  opposed to Traditional Allopathic Medicine and/or Counseling. With this being said, I realize that, without a Faith-Based Approach, the healing process will not be effective. Therefore, according to Proverbs 3:5, I choose to allow Jehovah GOD to direct my path when assisting my clients with their Natural Health goals.

Among the many classes that I studied, the course work for “DSM IV” was the most intriguing learning experience. I have noticed that a large number of my clients suffer from some form of stress, which could manifest mental health deficiency, followed by illness.  It is understood that there are many types of disorders in Traditional Clinical Therapy and there are a wide number of names for the enormous patterns of deranged thinking.  But in the final analyses, According to the book of Philippians 2:5, it states, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ JESUS.

First and foremost, from my perspective as a Natural Health Counselor, it is imperative, that my life exemplifies Christ so that the client can benefit from my services. Thanks to the teaching at the numerous INAHP seminars showing New Eden students that, the first step is deliverance from the enemy and his evil tactics. Without a doubt, this can and will allow the client accessibility to maintain a substantial amount of optimal health.

Throughout these years of my clinical practice as a Counselor, my goal is to follow a “Faith-Based Approach”, evolving around every single aspect of my Natural Health Practice, as opposed to a Traditional Clinical approach. Therefore, my chose for the preparation of this dissertation, has been carefully noted and written, on “Why Faith-Based Natural Health Counseling Can Be More Effective Than Traditional Clinical Counseling”

It is the LORDS will that the “Dissertation Analyst/Editor that I hired, will be returning my paper this weekend.  Therefore, the research, writing, and defense have been done and will be submitted to New Eden School in a few days.

It is with pleasure that I thank Dr. Lawrence DeSantis in advance for a memorable learning experience. I hope that you enjoy the reading along the interesting facts and findings comprised in this dissertation.  It has been a great benefit in the enhancement of my Natural Health Practice and throughout my tenure at New Eden School.
Cynthia Hawkins, CIWC, RNHP
Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor
Cynthia Hawkins, CIWC, RNHP, Certified Integrative Wellness Counselor

Hello, here is my Reflexology Exam. I loved the course and I am practicing on my husband and friends. My friend with cystic fibrosis felt release in the lungs and clogged mucous was loosened from her chest.
J. Miller, Reflexology Course (USA)

Although I had earned a Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health from the University of Texas, I really learned a lot from this program. I found the courses both challenging and interesting. I’m looking forward to applying all of this with my private clients and family!
Ida Hardy, USA, Certified Natural Health Counselor (CNHC) Graduate

I have found the course material to be very in-depth and thorough. I have gained a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time, which has not only benefited my own health but also positioned me to provide insight and answers to friends with health-related questions. I really appreciate this and want to thank you for the excellent opportunity you have provided for many of us to obtain a first-class health-related education from home. God bless you!
H.W. Mershon, USA, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Graduate

Hello Dr. DeSantis! The Natural Health Approaches I course contains so much interesting information! It is quite voluminous but at the same time I made additional research, finding amazing facts in your eBook and Optimal Wellness Book. I enjoyed your additional questions for internet research. They help to perform self-discovery and turn work to creative way. I told my family that the book of this course will be my reference book and I will open it many more times in my life. During my reading, step by step I made changes in my personal diet and life style and gave advise to my family and friends, but the biggest advantage that I got from this course is the health approach protocols for my daughter and myself. At the time I completed the course I got initial results of health improvement and the reduction of symptoms which previously disturbed me. Thank you again for the wonderful course and I look forward to new discoveries!
Olga Razmnaya, Ukraine, Medical Herbalist Student

I would like to say Thank you to New Eden for allowing me to be a student and a humble graduate. I decided to study the Doctorate of Naturopathy program at New Eden. I learned that God is in all we do , especially in nutrition with healing necessities. I learned that becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy; was a testimony to our community to earn their trust and listen to their needs. I currently practice at The Wellness Sanctuary International Corp as a Naturopathic Doctor alongside my Husband Dr.Stephen R.Sabol, DC. We are a faith based practice and our community embraces the knowledge that New Eden has placed in our practice. Thank you New Eden, I look forward to passing Boards and utilizing my RTN from IANHP, to educate our community about how God moves in our bodies through health. Our bodies are constructed by the divine creator , God. Isaiah 54:17.
Mrs. Dr. Mirlande Sabol, ND