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All the eBooks you need to begin your course studies or program studies can be purchased on this page. 

Note: There will be no refunds on purchased eBooks.

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Below is the list of eBooks available for purchase:

Amino Acid Therapy for Better Health

Topics Covered:

  • Amino Acids and Their Function
  • Reasons Why People Can Be Deficient in Amino Acids
  • The Amino Acid Survey
  • The Amino Acid Survey Worksheet & Recommendations
  • Links for Further Information on Amino Acids



Anatomy & Physiology

An excellent manual for the study of basic anatomy and physiology from a natural health and nutrition perspective. Contains a natural health assessment questionnaire for each body system that includes natural health support solutions.This manual is used as a textbook for several natural health schools.



Anti-Aging and Longevity Approaches

This an excellent eBook that covers the following topics; The aging process, factors to aging, aging research, longevity assessments, keys to health and longevity, anti-aging and longevity approaches.

A must for those students and practitioners wanting to specialize in Anti-Aging and Longevity.



Basic Aromatherapy

A to the point aromatherapy eBook with an A to Z list of essential oils and their use. Includes special uses for essential oils in foot baths, natural deodorants, and more.



Biblical Wellness

An excellent book on true wellness.

Topics covered are:

  • The Biblical Diet
  • Biblical Herbs and Foods
  • Various Biblical Subjects
  • A Summary of the Bible Books, and More.



Business and Practice Matters for Natural Health Professionals

An excellent eBook that covers the following topics:

  • Setting Up a Legal Business or Practice
  • Effective Advertising
  • Protecting Your Assets and Planning a Secure Future
  • Keys to a Successful Business or Practice



Colon Wellness

An eBook that covers the topic of Colon Wellness – the Path to a Healthier Life.

Content includes colon wellness assessment, how to create optimal wellness through colon health, holistic approaches to colon wellness, and colon hydrotherapy.



Dietary Wellness for Life

A health changing book on how to eat.


  • Correct Dietary Habits for Optimal Health
  • pH Balanced Diets for Healthy Living
  • Proper Food Combining
  • Dietary Wellness Planning Based On Bio-Individuality
  • Vegetarianism verses Flesh Food Eating
  • Raw Foods Verses Cooked Foods
  • Nutrition from Whole Foods
  • Food As Medicine



Effective Modalities & Products for Optimal Health and Wellness

Topics Covered:

  • Effective Natural Modalities for Optimal Wellness
  • Effective Natural Products for Health and Wellness
  • Effective Natural Health Assessment Tools
  • Natural Health Protocols for Various Conditions



Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity

An excellent eBook on the major steps to maintaining and/or restoring physical, mental, and even spiritual health.

The topics covered are; improving oxygenation to your cells, proper hydration, exercise, spending time outdoors, stress reduction, right thoughts, loving, periodic fasting and undereating, your social life, knowing your purpose in life, and more.

This eBook was written for anyone with a heart to live a healthier and longer life through natural health and wellness guidance.

The eleven keys that are covered in this book have been proven to improve the quality of life as well as help restore individuals back to health.



End Time Sequences of Events

A book on biblical end-time prophecy concerning the latters days and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


  • Signs and Events Leading Up to the Second Coming
  • The Significance of September 11, 2001
  • How to Prepare for What is to Come



Faith Based Iridology

A faith based book in Physical and Emotional Iridology. Recommendations for behavioral and emotional findings are based on the Holy Scriptures.

Excellent material that removes guesswork, provides genetic predispositions and offers sound biblical solutions.



Genesis One Diet

125 pages on the topic of natural health and nutrition from a Genesis perspective (Biblical).

Topics covered are; Air, water, light, electromagnetic fields, vegetables, Beans and grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, flesh foods, rest and exercise, use of herbs, detoxification, and fasting, dietary supplements, weight loss, glycemic index, ORAC values, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fats and starches, juicing, sprouting, and much more.

An excellent book that includes several links to anatomy, biblical counseling, and other topics.

Another vesion of this book is the Natural Health and Nutrition eBook that is offered on this site.



Guide to Complementary and Alternative Health

This book is a good guide on major complementary and alternative health practices.

About twenty different alternative health approaches are covered.



Health & Fitness through Weight Training and the Powerlifts


  • Health, Fitness, and Greater Strength at Any Age
  • Optimum Performance in Powerlifting after Fifty
  • Wellness Assessments & Modalities to Improve the Powerlifts and Optimize Health & Fitness.



Herbology Manual

This manual covers the study of herbs and their application. It is a compilation of researched herbs backed by clinical studies. This book will provide a foundation of knowledge for the preparation of the herbal enthusiast or professional.

Content covered: the history of herbalism, classification of herbs, herbal combinations, herbal assessment, herbal glossary, herbal preparations, essential oils, and herbal solutions from A to Z.



Iridology Manual

This ebook covers iridological signs. It includes a worksheet with solutions and over a dozen iris photos. Emotional Iridology has been added to this ebook. An Iris chart is included. A great tool for students and practitioners.



Manual of Wholistic Medicine

A manual on the principles of faith-based medicine.

Wholistic Medicine is true medicine.

This book describes what wholistic medicine is, its history, and its branches of medicine.

It also gives information about the wholistic wellness assessment methods and the modalities & remedies utilized.

Learn what God has ordained in order for mankind to acheive wholeness at three levels; spirit, soul, and body.



Micro-circulation Enhancement: Holistic Approaches

Micro-circulation Enhancement: Holistic Approaches eBook is powerful reading material on the topic od micro-circulation enhancement for overall wellness.

Content includes:

The cell, the micro-circulatory system and its importance to overall health, indications when the micro-vessels are not operating properly, conditions related to poor micro-circulation, the importance of micro-circulation in sports performance, holistic approaches to micro-circulatory enhancement, and more.



Ministerial Training Manual

A Manual in Practical Ministerial Functions and Services.

Includes; how to perform weddings and other ceremonies;How to operate a ministry or church.



Muscle Testing for Optimal Wellness

This is a very useful eBook on the art of muscle testing for dietary and nutritional needs.


Muscle testing for optimal wellness, procedures before starting the muscle test assessment, how-to muscle test, anatomical testing points, things to know, testing kits and supplements, complementary assessment and therapy tools.



Natural Health & Nutrition Manual

This book takes a Genesis perspective on health and nutrition. Probably one of the best-compiled manuals for its topic. Topics covered are; Air, water, light, electromagnetic fields, vegetables, Beans and grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, flesh foods, rest and exercise, use of herbs, detoxification and fasting, dietary supplements, weight loss, glycemic index, ORAC values, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fats and starches, juicing, sprouting, and much more.



Natural Health Approaches Manual

Excellent manual on client assessment and diet & supplement determination.

The material covered; processed foods, heavy metals, leaky gut, candida, parasites, food sensitivities, pH, benefits of sweating, blood types, vital signs, blood workup, hair analysis, evaluating the natural health questionnaire, glandular health assessment, A to Z natural support for health conditions, and more.



Nutritional Therapy

Excellent reading material on the following topics:

  • Nutrients Most Lacking in the Diet
  • Research on Nutraceuticals
  • Nutrition and Immunity
  • Nutritional and Herbal Therapy



Original Medicine Approaches Manual

This manual covers Biblical approaches to spirit-soul-body health issues. Material covered includes; the need for fasting, detoxification, the practice of under-eating, the Genesis One Diet (G.O.D), Holistic Health Survey, and an A to Z Biblical Protocol to health conditions. This is an ideal manual for holistic ministers and practitioners.



PEMF Therapy for Wellness

This eBook explains the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.

PEMF Therapy is one of the most effective modalities to enhance circulation, improve energy levels, and increase cellular nutrition and oxygenation.

The author shares the most beneficial but cost effective unit on the market.



pH Balance for Optimal Wellness

An excellent eBook about saliva and urine pH and how to balance them through food and supplements in order to optimize health.




Phytotherapy eBook


  • Description and Use of Powerful Herbaceuticals
  • Latest Research on Selected Herbal Medicines
  • Herbal Medicine Therapy



Quantum Magnetic Resonance

This eBook is a must tool for those using the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.

It is an aid in understanding the QMRA report results and in creating a wellness plan based on the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis.



Reflective Foot Analysis

This eBook covers the topic of Reflective Foot Analysis. It is a holistic wellness assessment art for the interpretation of fine lines, markings and discolorations of the soles of the feet for the purpose of determining wellness.



The Natural Health Professional's Guide to Integrative Wellness

An excellent eBook covering the following areas of natural health and wellness:

Body Systems, Dietary Wellness, Nutrition, Amino Acid Therapy, Micro-circulation Enhancement, PEMF Therapy, Nutritional Muscle Testing, EMF’s, Irido-scleral Analysis, Reflective Foot Analysis, Guidelines and legalities in the Practice, Client Assessment and Labs, Natural Health Products that Work.



The Practice of Wholiopathy

The Wholistic Path to Wellness: Body-Soul-Spirit.



Traditional Naturopathic Approaches Manual

This manual covers the following educational information about Traditional Naturopathy:

  • What Traditional Naturopathy is
  • The different levels of training in Naturopathy
  • Assessments and Modalities used
  • A to Z Guide to Traditional Naturopathic Solutions to Health Issues



Urine-Saliva Analysis, RBTI Test

RBTI is the abbreviation for Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. This theory was discovered, developed, and proven through the unique work of agronomist, biochemist, and mathematician, Dr. Carey A. Reams.

Many practitioners incorporate this extremely valuable test into their practice. RBTI testing is a non-invasive seven-part test completed on fresh samples of urine and saliva. There are six tests done on the urine sample: total carbohydrate, pH, conductivity (salts), cell debris, nitrate nitrogen & ammonia nitrogen. There is one test performed on the saliva sample, it is the pH. The results enable the wellness practitioner to create a wellness program that consists of dietary and supplemental recommendations, and more.



Wellness and Longevity Assessment Tools for Natural Health Professionals and Coaches

A very informative eBook for wellness coaches and health professionals who desire to focus on wellness and longevity assessments and protocols.



Wellness Counseling Practices for Natural Health Professionals

An excellent e-manual in effective natural health and wellness counseling.

Topics: Wellness Counseling and the Optimal Wellness Survey, toxic emotions, muscle testing, EMF assessment, in-house lab kits, Functional Medicine and lab tests, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrigenomics, and Human Bio-Energy Field Scanning.



Wellness SPA Concepts

An informative eBook on the products and services a Wellness Spa should offer.

Very good book for those wanting to open a Wellness SPA or Center.