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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does the New Eden School enrollment process work?

The process begins by submitting an online application at the “Apply Now” page. A school representative will then email you asking for three items; Copy of photo ID, copy of high school diploma or GED, and any relevant transcripts that can be used to waive any courses. Once all the documents are emailed to New Eden School, an enrollment agreement is drawn up for signature. Once this is completed, an acceptance letter is emailed to the student, a student ID is created and the student can begin his or her studies. The student receives the first course instructions after paying for the first course or the whole program.

Note: New Eden School Programs and Courses are strictly available through internet / email, we do not mail out courses or exams.


How does the online studies work?

A school representative will direct the newly enrolled student in how to pay for the first course or whole program. If the student has chosen a Pay Per Course Plan then the student will be directed to the Description of Courses page where he or she can pay for the first course that provides an automatic download of that course. All instructions on how to study and where to purchase the textbook or eBook is included. If the student prepays the whole program in full, a school representative or instructor will email him / her the first course.

Can exams be taken online?

Currently, many exams can be taken online with an automatic computerized grading system that instantly emails the students the results. All the exams should be available to take this way sometime in the future. Many exams are now completed the following way; The student receives the open book exam along with the course instructions. When the student completes the open book exam, he or she emails the completed exam to the school email provided. It may take three to six business days for the exam to be graded.

Are there instructors available for assistance to answer questions about the coursework?
The New Eden School courses and programs are designed as self-study programs and courses. They are self-paced so that the students can study where and when they want and for whatever time period they want.
When students need help, they can email their questions to the school and an instructor, from a pool of instructors, will answer their questions. Since we are an online school, communication is primarily through email.
Is it necessary to become board certified, registered, or licensed after completing my studies at New Eden School?
No, but it is highly recommended for accountability and for public confidence.
Can I transfer credits to another school once I complete my studies with New Eden?

It depends on the school. Many educational institutions will accept our course credits, others may offer a prior learning assessment where you take a test to prove your knowledge and then you receive credit for your studies.

What kind of accreditation does New Eden School have?

New Eden School has earned accreditation from a professional accrediting body and school approval from several organizations. See Accreditation page.
Our accreditation is private and professional and not government sanctioned.

Can I practice in my State with a Naturopathic education from New Eden School, especially with the ND designation?

 You will have to check your state. In many states, you can freely practice.

To check the status of your State, go to one of the following websites: or

Note: The practice of Naturopathy is prohibited in Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida.

Important: New Eden School graduates do not qualify to take NPLEX Exams. These exams are reserved for Naturopathic Physicians who have graduated from one of the eight brick and mortar medical naturopathy schools in America and are allowed to diagnose and treat in many states. New Eden School graduates cannot diagnose and treat but teach and guide individuals or groups in natural health and wellness choices.




Can I practice as a Nutritionist in my State with a CNC or CHN diploma from New Eden School?

You need to check with your state, Currently, in many states you can practice freely.
Visit the following site to check your state’s status,

In states where a Dietitian type license is required to practice, all our graduates from any of our programs cannot advertise themselves as nutritionist but Natural Health or Holistic Health Practitioners, or Counselors.
In these restricted states graduates need to avoid using nutritional questionnaires, but they can utilize Wellness or Holistic Health Surveys.

Where can I practice legally with an Herbalist certificate, diploma or degree earned from New Eden School?
You can practice legally in all of the United States of America and most countries abroad.
Where can I practice legally with the Natural Health Practitioner (NHP) Educational Programs your School offers?
You can practice legally in all of the United States of America but you cannot diagnose or treat, this is reserved to the medical profession.
With the completion of any of the New Eden School programs, the graduate can teach and guide individuals or groups in the area of natural health and holistic wellness.

Note: With the exception of the Naturopathic and Nutritionist Award Programs, all of the other educational programs New Eden School offers can be utilized to practice in any State in the USA, but always check your State Laws to be sure that no changes have occurred.

If I enroll in a course or program, once completed, can I apply the credits to another program I may want to enroll in at New Eden School?
Do you offer scholarships, grants, or accept government aid?
New Eden School is a non-government, private school and does not accept financial aid from the government. Because our tuition rates are low and extremely affordable, at this time we do not offer scholarships or grants.
How long has New Eden School been in operation?

New Eden School has been in operation since 2010. It presently holds a certificate of authority granted by the Indiana Secretary of State.

What kind of students is New Eden School looking for?
The kind of students that are eager to learn natural health and wellness and then after graduating, go out and teach and heal with the tools learned and with a spirit of love, wisdom, understanding, patience and compassion.
How long do I have to complete a course or a program?

We like to see students not exceed six months to complete one course, but we do give extensions all the time.
Concerning programs, it depends on the type of program. Certificate programs should not exceed two years.
Diploma programs should not exceed three years. Advanced diploma programs and degree programs should not exceed five to seven years. Again, we grant extensions all the time.

Can I retake an exam if I fail it?

The second try at the exam is with no charge. If a third attempt is needed, there is a 60.00 charge. This also applies to any attempt thereafter (4th, 5th).

What constitutes an unaccredited school and a diploma mill college ?

An unaccredited school is an educational institution that has no private (professional) or government sanctioned accreditation. Accreditation in the United States is voluntary and not mandatory. Any website or entity that declares a school or an accrediting body as unrecognized or unlawful based on accreditation is incorrect. Also, it is not right for any employer to turn down an applicant solely based on school accreditation.

A diploma mill college is a business that gives out awards and degrees for money without any study/examination involved, without prior learning assessment, and no consideration of life and work experience. These are fake colleges.

Does New Eden School offer awards based on life, work and prior learning assessment?
Visit the Prior Learning page to see what we offer.