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Biologic Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition


Biologic Ionization as expressed through the urine/saliva test


This course helps the student expand their understanding of reserve energy as it relates to the various ranges and zones the test numbers may be in. There are two new full color Range & Zone charts. One is an expanded and enhanced Anion / Cation Range and Zone Effects on Body Chemistry the other is Range and Zones According To Energy Loss. There are also new diagrams for assisting in recommending calcium supplements, as well as vitamin C and D.


Biologic Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition by Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe (2008)

The textbook can be purchased through Pike’s Agri-Lab Supplies (1. 866-745-3247) or also carries the textbook.

This book is the definitive text on the concepts pioneered by Dr. Carey Reams. Beddoe, a former assistant to Reams, explains the principles behind the pH test, proper procedures for conducting tests on urine and saliva, and how to use the test result to tailor counseling recommendations in the diet and lifestyle plans. This text will dispel misunderstandings about body chemistry and will explain how to achieve optimum health through the Reams’ system.

Credit: 4

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing

Note: The alternative to this course is RBTI Analysis Credit 2, see Description of Courses.