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CAMP Natural Health and Nutritional Wellness

Course Content:

  1. Natural health and nutrition topics covered are: the importance of air, water, light, electromagnetic fields, vegetables, beans and grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, flesh foods, rest and exercise, use of herbs, detoxification and fasting, dietary supplements, weight loss, glycemic index, ORAC values, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fats, and starches, juicing and sprouting.
  2. Dietary wellness topics: correct dietary habits for optimal health, pH balanced diet for healthy living, proper food combining, dietary wellness planning based on Bio-individuality, vegetarianism versus flesh food eating, nutrition from whole foods, food as medicine. 
  3. The values and uses of raw vegetable juices.

Credit: 5
Required E-books:

  • Natural Health and Nutritional Wellness eBook
  • Dietary Wellness for Life eBook
  • Required Textbook: Raw Fresh Vegetable Juices by Norman Walker. The eBook is included with the tuition of the course.