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CAMP Optimal Wellness Assessment and Approaches

Course Content:

  1. Topics covered: processed foods, heavy metals, leaky gut, candida, parasites, food sensitivities, pH, benefits of sweating, blood types, vital signs, reading blood workup, hair analysis, evaluating the natural health questionnaire, and glandular health assessment. A to Z natural approaches to health conditions.
  2. Detailed discussion and approach to heavy metal detoxification.
  3. The importance of colon wellness to overall health, auto-intoxication, colon health assessment, how to maintain a healthy colon, wellness approaches to colon conditions, and Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation).
  4. Natural Approaches for nearly 200 common conditions based on latest research and recommendations, discussions of the symptoms and root causes of each health issue along with a proven, natural, customized wellness approach that may include supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, bodywork, natural hormones, and other natural remedies in addition to good nutrition.

Credit: 7

Required E-books:

  • Natural Health Approaches Manual eBook
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification (e-File)
  • Colon Wellness eBook

Required Textbook: Prescription for Natural Cures, Third Edition, by Mark Stengler, NMD  James F. Balch, MD and Robin Young Balch, ND