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Course: NES DWFL  Dietary Wellness for Life Credit 2


One of the most important and foundational courses that New Eden School offers.A health changing course on how to eat.

Course content:

  • Correct Dietary Habits for Optimal Health
  • pH Balanced Diets for Healthy Living
  • Proper Food Combining
  • Dietary Wellness Planning Based On Bio-Individuality
  • Vegetarianism verses Flesh Food Eating
  • Raw Foods Verses Cooked Foods
  • Nutrition from Whole Foods
  • Food As Medicine


Dietary Wellness for Life (eBook) by Lawrence DeSantis, CN, ND

The eBook is available through our website.

Food Combining Made Easy (eBook) by Herbert M. Shelton (This eBook is included with the course)

Exam: Open Book Exam, 85% is passing