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NES 1012 Energy Medicine II Credit 4


This course presents the following:

A revolutionary system that reestablishes the proper flow of information to the body’s energetic fields to promote health

Presents a new integrative model of the energetic physiology of the human body (the human body-field) and its influence on health

Shows that a root cause of disease is due to information blockages in the body-field

Introduces Infoceuticals, liquid remedies that help the human body-field process vital information to engage the physical body’s self- healing abilities

After decades of research, a system has been formulated that unites the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine with quantum wave theory to provide the first comprehensive link between the human body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics. The course explains that we each have a body-field based on twelve meridian-like channels that process and coordinate information throughout the body and that our health depends on the proper flow and communication of information through these channels.

In this course, a new system is explained-called the revolutionary Nutri-Energetics System, which uses Infoceuticals–liquids infused with organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted with corrective quantum electrodynamic information–to remedy distortions and blockages in the information flow of the body-field. The imprinted information acts as a magnetic signpost to engage the body’s self-healing ability.Text:

Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine, Peter H. Fraser (Author), Harry Massey (Author), Joan Parisi Wilcox (Contributor)

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing