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Energy Medicine Programs


Energy Medicine Practitioner (E.M.P) Advanced Diploma Program

An excellent Holistic Medicine curriculum that has a focus on Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine is the alternative healing field of the future. 

Human Energy-Field Testing is covered in this program. 

Energy field screening devices are one of the most complete and accurate testing

methods available for body system wellness assessment.

Enrollment Requirement: High School Diploma or GED

Average duration: 9 to 18 months

Outline of Courses:

Anatomy & Physiology Credit 4

Natural Health & Nutrition Credit 3

Chemistry & Nutrition Credit 2

Pathology I Credit 5

Pathology II Credit 5

Natural Health Approaches I Credit 5

Digestive Wellness Credit 4

Energy Medicine Credit 2

Energy Medicine II Credit 4

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Credit 2

Micro-circulation Enhancement Credit 1

Reflexology Credit 3

Kinesiology Credit 3

Starting Your Business as a Natural Health Practitioner Credit 2

Total Credit Hours: 45

Tuition: 2700.00

60.00 per credit hour

Tuition does not include most eBooks but does include

study guides, testing material, and access to instructors.

All eBooks that need to be purchased are available through

Award: Advanced Diploma in Energy Medicine

Graduates can apply to be board certified through the American

Council for Holistic Medicine (ACHM)

Graduates are encouraged to become members of the International                          Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP) at

The IANHP also offers registration as a Natural Health Practitioner.

Note: Kinesiology Credit 3 can be replaced by the QRA Workshops level I & II
offered by Premier labs, see
Reflexology and Kinesiology can be replaced by the Neshealth ProVision Training

Energy Medicine Consultant (E.M.C)
An excellent program for those interested in applying bio-energetic                       approaches to wellness. A program composed of courses that consist
of eBooks.
Requirements: High School diploma or GED
Length of program: Average of five to six months via distance learning
Outline of Courses:

Total Credit hours: 19
60.00 per credit
Tuition: 1140.00
Some eBooks are included with the courses
Award: Certificate in Energy Medicine
Graduates can apply for membership or registration with the IANHP at:

Additional Courses Recommended:

Certified Homeopathic Consultant (CHC)

A certificate program that educates the student in how to give homeopathic guidance. A very good nine course curriculum.

Requirements: High School diploma or GED

Length of program: Self-paced. Typically 3-6 months to complete.

Outline of Courses:

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Complementary Medical Association