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NES 702 Modern Naturopathic Approaches Credit 3


This is a practitioner level course that covers; Naturopathic principles, dysbiosis, degenerative diseases, pH imbalances, natural health approaches for the circulatory system, the liver and detoxification, energy and blood sugar, neurotransmitters, disorders of the immune system and natural care, the adrenals and the sex glands, kidney care, the senses and natural care, factors which contribute to pathology, vaccinations, mental health, surgical issues, food aversions and addictions, naturopathic care in infectious diseases, fertility, infant nutrition, the elderly and much more. This is a complete, up-to-date, Naturopathic Science Manual.

Text: A Textbook of Modern Naturopathy (2010) by Linda Lazarides

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing.