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Monthly Payments

The monthly payments plans are currently available for following programs. We will be adding more programs to this page soon. Please note that you have to submit the application and the application fee first. The studies can not start until you are accepted by our admissions.

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy

USD 180.00/month for 30 months

Associates Degree in Naturopathy (ADN)

USD 135.00/month for 25 months

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Degree

USD 135.00/month for 25 months

Natural Health Practitioner (NHP) Diploma

USD 120.00/month for 20 months

Natural Health Practitioner Video Program

USD 150.00/month for 20 months

Course Numbers (IDs) have been changed. Visit the Description of Courses page to view the changes. Please note that the course titles are still the same. We will greatly appreciate if you take this survey and share your experience with New Eden School.