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The Natural Health and Spiritual Wellness Course Credit 3

Excellent course on the topics of natural health and spiritual wellness from a Genesis and Biblical perspective. The topics covered are:
Air, water, light, electro-magnetic fields, vegetables, Beans and grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, flesh foods, rest and exercise, use of herbs, detoxification and fasting, dietary supplements, weight loss, glycemic index, ORAC values, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fats and starches, juicing, sprouting, and the eleven keys to health and longevity which are; improving oxygenation to your cells, proper hydration, exercise, spending time outdoors, stress reduction, right thoughts, loving, periodic fasting and under eating, your social life, and knowing your purpose in life.

This course includes links to free anatomy, biblical studies, and first aid eBooks.

E Books needed: Genesis One Diet (G.O.D) eBook by Lawrence DeSantis, ND
Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity eBook by Lawrence DeSantis, ND
The eBooks are available at

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing

Award: Certificate of Completion in Natural Health and Spiritual Wellness (emailed to you upon passing the exam)

Note: The Course Instructions, study questions and exam will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 business hours.

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Tuition: 240.00

Please submit an online application (no application fee is required) and we will invoice you via email.