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Natural Health Approaches V


This course presents a system of blood chemistry and CBC analysis that focuses on physiological function as a marker of health. By looking for optimum function we increase our ability to detect dysfunctions long before disease manifests.

Conventional lab testing becomes a truly preventative and prognostic tool.

This course includes:

In-depth coverage of 52 blood tests with optimal and functional values.

62 patterns of functional disorders that most practitioners do not get from normal reference ranges.

11 nutrient deficiencies that can be seen in blood chemistry and CBC tests.

36 special topics.

This course also covers Functional Medicine and its natural approaches.


This course is not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating disease but for balancing the body systems through natural health care.

Credit: 3


Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis: Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective, Dicken Weatherby, ND Functional Medicine Review (New Eden e-file

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing


This course is not to be used to diagnose or treat but to gain an understanding of this type of lab work and what possible natural health recommendations might be made to lead to optimal wellness. In many States, only licensed practitioners can order lab work, check your State laws.