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Course NES ASOS The Art and Science of Sclerology Credit 4

Sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the whites of the eyes for reflexive information regarding both acute and chronic stress patterns; as well as causative insights about a person’s constitutional health.


A course on the Art and Science of Sclerology. This course is the most comprehensive in the field of Sclerology.
Topics covered include:

  • Interpreting the constitutional stress patterns affecting people’s health
  • Pinpointing the weakest link in a person’s health picture
  • Unlocking the cause behind the symptoms
  • Spot future health issues before they occur

This course presents the complete, foundational information that was developed from research spanning 32 years and including over 120,000 people during A.S. Wheelwright’s lifetime, and includes his most recent findings. Wheelwright is considered the founder of Sclerology.

Textbook: Sclerology, The Foundational Program by Dr. Jack Tips, ND, PhD

(International Sclerology Institute) 444 pages / Available through

The most authoritative book on the subject of Sclerology.

Exam: Open book, 85% is passing