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An Accredited Distance Learning School of the Natural Healing Arts

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies

An Institute of Higher Learning

It is the desire of our school to offer the prospective student the best accredited online educational programs in natural health and herbal studies that are available.

These curriculum(s) will prepare the student for a future in natural health. They can also be used to compliment your existing business or practice, or just take you to a higher level of knowledge and skill in the natural  healing arts that will be a blessing  for a lifetime! We at New Eden are proud to offer such programs

Educational Programs We Offer:

Naturopathy Programs

Naturopath (Associates Degree)

Naturopath Diploma (ND)

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND)

Naturopathic Practitioner (NP)

Naturopathic Counselor (NC)

Natural Health Programs

Certified Natural Health Counselor (CNHC)

Natural Health Consultant (NHC)

Natural Health Practitioner (NHP)

Nutrition Science Programs

Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC)

Health Foods & Nutritional Supplement Adviser (HNSA)

Certified Wholefood 

Medicine Adviser (CWMA)

Iridology Programs

Certified Iridologist (CI)

Holistic Health Programs

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)


Herbal Science Programs

Certified Herbalist (CH)

Master Herbalist   (MH)

Medical Herbalist (M.H.)

Clinical Natural Medicine Programs

Certificate in Clinical Natural Medicine (CCNM)

Alternative Medicine Diplomate (AMD)


Naturopathic Medicine Doctor (N.M.D)

Certificate in Clinical Botanical Medicine (C.C.B.M)

Certificate in Modern Naturopathy (C.M.N)

Certificate in Integrative & Functional Medicine (C.I.F.M)