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They have worked so hard, and we are very proud of all of them!


Julie M Boisselle

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Degree Program

“Hi, my name is Julie. I’m the owner of Lady Failte’s Apothecary, LLC. I am a 51-year-old, married, mother of 5, and grandmother (Mimi) of 5! I live with my husband, Eric, and my dog, Neva, in Northern NH. I enjoy camping, riding the motorcycle, wild crafting herbs, and rockhounding with my husband. Over the last 10 years, I have been studying Essential Oils, Crystals, Herbs, and Spiritual and Personal growth. I have also studied Perfuming, Astrology, and I have my certificate in Massage Therapy. I opened my own office/shop in the summer of 2022, along with my website shop. I offer a few different therapies, and items you may need.”

Kelly Evans

Naturopathic Practitioner (NP) Program


Rebecca Garcia Russell

National Health Practitioner (NHP) Associate Degree Program


I have been a health and nature enthusiast my whole life. It has been the center of my passion that seems to evolve around everything in my life- whether alone or with friends, family or pets. I enjoy much of my time outside and absolutely love everything about plants- especially medicinally. The balance and beauty in nature is so rewarding for one’s entire being. It is my rebalance place and when I leave my nature walk or gardening or running trail in the woods, etc., I feel reset- I feel great again!

When I am able to guide someone to a better state of mind, body soul or spirit- it rewards my heart to the fullest! I love seeing others rebalanced and happy too!

The majority of my life I would study much on different topics of interest about the health of our entire being because it helped me and those around me (including animals), and because it was always so fascinating how God made it all work! I had always dreamed I could use this information legally to help others as a job but never had the opportunity. In my older age, as I was researching and praying diligently, I came across New Eden school. It was the only school out of many that I feel fit me like hand in glove and I didn’t hesitate to enroll in their Medicinal Herbalist program. It was the perfect program and I ate up all the knowledge. After I finished that I thought, well, I help others a lot and don’t know as much as I could so I enrolled in the Natural Health Practitioner program. Again, the vast knowledge for me was like putting someone in front of their favorite movie or book- even after finishing the program I wanted more. I am thankful for the DeSantis and New Eden and I know for sure the Lord brought them into my life to finely accomplish what I have always endeavored to. I now make custom-made herbal supplements for people I know and assist them with the knowledge I’ve learned for their health and I’ve seen amazing results- and it is only the beginning!

Thank you New Eden School from the bottom of my heart!”

Patricia Martin

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND) Program

“I am a Community Health Worker and Natural Health Practitioner in the state of Alaska. I am married with 8 grown kids who are my babies.”

Jessica A. Vanderbilt

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND) Program

“Hi, I am Jessica Vanderbilt! I have had a passion for holistic wellness since I could remember! I decided to begin courses with New Eden in hopes of bringing natural healing to my son and me! We both developed autoimmune disorders which were negatively impacting our lives! Thanks to New Eden I was able to face our families predisposition with courage and skills! I am proud to say that I am in remission and medication-free! I have spent 6 years taking courses and it has been life-changing! I was not only able to help myself and my family but also many others who too felt stuck and lost in their health! Because of New Eden, I feel confident in coaching and making lasting positive health changes in my family and those around me! My favorite part of what I do is blood analytics and health protocols! ODX software is a game-changer! If you haven’t tried it yet then you’re missing out! Dr. DeSantis is a brilliant man, I am beyond blessed to have gained my skills from this school! It feels so empowering to have graduated from such a well-rounded program! I sit for my state board in August! I can’t even believe I did it! Thank you New Eden from the bottom of my heart for all your support and for such an amazing journey!”