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Even though it’s basically a requirement for long-term success, the average cost of college between 2017–2018 was estimated to be $20,770 for in-state public schools! As for private schools, the complete amount, including tuition, dorm costs, etc., amounted to $46,950.

A small fortune for most Americans, these costs are often insurmountable. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. For those who can’t afford it, online education is a godsend! Here’s why:

How Online Education Benefits Students

1. It’s Cost-Effective

The average American’s commute costs are about $2,600. From a student’s point-of-view, that’s a small fortune that they can’t afford to spend.

With online education, these costs go way down. There’s no longer any concern about travel, car maintenance, parking, and gas.

Furthermore, you completelu avoid the need for study materials. For a very nominal fee, you can receive an education without having to worry about prohibitive prices.

2. The Schedules are More Flexible

For single parents or students who are working multiple jobs to stay financially secure, 9–3 classes are a deal breaker.

Online education shifts the power to choose into their hands. They choose when the right time is, a time that won’t interfere with prior commitments. This allows them to maintain the perfect balance.

Your Learning Experience

3. Complete Documentation is Always Available

Training materials, live discussions, lectures, emails—all documentation is stored safely on an online database, and can be accessed anytime if the student is registered with an institution.

This not only saves time for the student, but it’s also a practical solution, particularly for those who like to take extensive notes so they can research the details later.

4. You Gain Access to Expertise

Here at New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies, our courses and programs range from traditional naturopathy to aromatherapy, alternative medicine, and even Bible studies.

Taught by professionals in the field, these certificates and programs are not available in every state. But with online education, students from any location can benefit from our classes without having to worry about access or distance.

Are You Interested?

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies is an accredited naturopathic school that offers a range of online natural medicine degrees and programs for all students.

If you’re interested in specializing in different elements of natural health and herbal studies, check our programs today and enroll. We’d be happy to have you!