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While western medicine is essential and has its own place, there is an increased interest in holistic medicine and its benefits. In our fast-paced lives, we’re coming to realize that there is more to our health than just over-the-counter medication.

Diseases and ailments have progressed with the rest of the world, and there is an intense need for people to take care of their health in more natural and holistic ways, which is where holistic health practitioners come in.

Here’s how you can become a holistic health practitioner.

Research About the Different Fields Within Holistic Health

As the name suggests, holistic health encompasses various different aspects of health and wellness. Holistic doctors combine different methods of wellness therapy to address a client’s concerns, including mental, physical, and spiritual ailments.

A practitioner can focus on a lot of different fields, for instance, neuropathy, nutrition, acupuncture, physical fitness, and spiritual healing. Ideally, a holistic health practitioner should have some basic information about all the various fields to take a holistic approach towards overall wellness.

Find Out the Holistic Health Practitioner Degree Requirements

Once you have a clear idea about what holistic health means and your options in this career, you can start looking at the degree requirements for becoming a holistic health practitioner.

Because this career is so diverse, the requirements for each field you choose to pursue would be different. In general, you need to undertake some sort of training related to the type of wellness therapy you hope to provide in the future, for instance, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal medicine, energy medicine, or nutritional counseling.

From some practices, you may need a license, pass an exam or complete a particular number of credit hours depending on your field and the state you want to practice in.

Complete A Degree or Program and Get Certification

Once you’ve figured out the exact field and its requirements, it’s time to get into action! You can either get a certification, a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or both. Sometimes it may be possible to complete a certificate or take holistic health as a minor while completing another degree.

While practicing holistic health, it’s extremely important to get certified because it helps you at your practice and establishes your client’s confidence in you.

Make sure when selecting a program that you’re naturally inclined toward the learning process, as it will add value to your practice later on. If you’re having trouble deciding your field, get in touch with us at the New Eden School of Natural Health.

We are an accredited natural health and wellness school with a huge selection of alternative medicine degrees.  We can help you decide what career path would be best for you in holistic health.