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Naturopathy, specifically traditional naturopathy, focuses on the body’s wellness. It aims at providing holistic care for the body, focusing on self-healing and nutritional counseling. A traditional naturopathic doctor does not look to diagnose “diseases” but figures out the underlying causes of those “diseases”, working on the overall better mental and physical health of the client.

Naturopathy traditionally has its roots in Europe but was brought to North America in the 1800s.  Here’s all you need to know about it:

The Process:

The goal of naturopathy is to focus on the body, soul, and mind together. Naturopathy does not heal a problem but rather aids in the body’s self-healing process by resorting to techniques like acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy.

As a naturopathic practitioner, you would want to get your client’s entire history by examining them for a couple of hours. You’d identify problem areas like their diet, stress level, and physical work. Based on that, you would suggest a detailed health plan including relevant workouts, diet plans, and other stress management tips.

Degree and Training:

Naturopathy in itself is a pretty diverse field. Your degree tenure and perplexity will vary based on which program you decide to enroll in. Overall, these programs can last from one year to four years. If, however, you go for a doctor of traditional naturopathy degree (ND), it would require you to finish three to four years of the degree, just like any other graduate college.

This degree exceeds the WHO standards set for for naturopathy training. Naturopathic doctors do not aim at diagnosing deseases, rather at teaching their clients the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging them towards a natural approach to life.

Career Prospects:  

More and more people are now opting for preventative therapy and healing techniques. With this increased demand for naturopathy, it is a career opportunity we recommend you to take. According to a survey conducted by the AANMC, 74% of naturopathic practitioners reported that they are satisfied with their jobs.

According to O*Net, naturopathic practitioners earn a median salary of $82,420 annually. The salary usually factors in experience, employer, and degree level.

Is Naturopathy the Right Career for You?

If you are compassionate toward people, you may be made for this job. A career in naturopathy requires you to be empathetic towards clients of all ages, prioritizing their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

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