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Are you considering an herbal medicine degree but you are not quite sure about the courses that it entails? A degree in herbal medicine enables you to identify the plants which possess medicinal properties. Herbs can help a broad range of health conditions in a safer way. The best part is that with an herbal medicine degree, the students begin their studies at a very foundational level. You will begin with the introduction to herbalism including both the practical and theoretical foundation of the course, and make your way through a range of courses including biochemistry, homeostasis, organic gardening, nutrition, chemistry, ecology, first aid remedies etc.

A fundamental aim of an herbal medicine degree is to enable the student to not only grow the herbs with medicinal properties but also to make customized preparations as well. A certificate or diploma in herbal medicine, as offered by a range of institutions around the world, confines the courses to the basics of herbalism. However a professional herbal medicine degree (undergrad/grad) widens the horizons by incorporating holistic health, complementary medicine, and even client communication courses. This enables the students to make use of medicinal herbs for the purpose of health management as well as disease prevention.

With the ever increasing disappointments of allopathic medicine and its everlasting dependence on prescription drugs, herbal medicine has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Since the pharmaceutical brands have now clearly been debunked as not the savior of the world of medicine, it can be speculated that the popularity of herbal medicine is only destined to increase in the years to come. Herbal medicine is not only an alternative to orthodox medicine. It is only a matter of time before it finds it way into the common practices of orthodox medicine. Considering this, it won’t be wrong to conclude that numerous opportunities wait for the students wishing to pursue an herbal medicine degree in the future.

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