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Herbal medicine is a burgeoning field. You can always land a job in the field of academia, clinical practice, or even research. As an herbalist, you can also make the right lifestyle changes and adopt holistic natural therapies to enhance your overall wellbeing. Although herbal medicine practices link back to the Graeco-Roman, European, and Arabic cultures, they’re equally popular in the western world.

What’s herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is a field of practice that derives medicines from various parts of a plant, including the bark, flowers, and roots. The word herb either refers to the entire plant or a part of the plant that’s useful for its therapeutic benefits, scent, or flavor. Herbal medicine is sold in the form of tablets, powder, capsules, extracts, or teas. Herbal medicine is particularly popular because it’s considered more natural and hence safer.

What does a herbalist do?

A medical herbalist has a BSc or an equivalent degree in the field of herbal medicine. They’re trained in a number of disciplines, including plant medicines and orthodox medicine. Their practice involves using plants for medicinal uses in a way that’s backed by modern scientific research. This enables them to adopt a holistic approach toward illnesses. Herbalists always address the underlying cause of an illness rather than treating the symptoms. They may even prescribe herbal medications along with other conventional medicines.

A vial full of herbal oil.

Why should you study herbal medicine?

You’d be surprised to know that most general physicians also take up herbal medicine as an additional certification to address their patients’ queries in a multi-faceted way. Herbal medicine is as modern as its old. Over the last few years, even chiropractors and naturopathic doctors have started relying on herbalism to enhance their credentials and skillset.

Other than prescribing herbal medicine, an herbalist can also professionally grow their herbs, ‘wildcraft’ or pick crafts, and even manufacture herbal products. They can even use the expertise to supplement another profession, such as a nutritionist or health coach.

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