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Aromatherapy has been used in alternative medicine for centuries now. It’s the practice of using scents to improve the overall wellbeing of an individual. The benefits of this form of therapy have been so popular that aromatherapy is being incorporated into beauty products like makeup, skincare, body care, etc.

One common question we’re often asked pertains to the link between aromatherapy and mental health, depression in particular. With more awareness about depression and mental health disorders, more people are now willing to talk about their struggles. It also means that a lot more people are now being proactive about getting the help they require to deal with this problem.

What is the link between aromatherapy and depression?

Have you ever smelled something and it’s taken you back to your childhood? That’s the power of scents and aromas. It has the ability to change the way you perceive things. That’s why your sense of smell is so important. It prevents you from eating something that’s gone off, and helps you determine if your baked goodies are ready.

Aromatherapy, however, uses particular scents and essential oils to help clients. The chemicals present in certain oils trigger receptors in your nose that send signals to the area in your brain in charge of your mood. Aromatherapy can therefore be used to alleviate some symptoms of depression, which is why it’s a great addition to the therapy you’re receiving.

Essential oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, basil, sandalwood, clary safe, rose, bergamot, and geranium are popularly used to help improve some symptoms of depression. Lavender can help those who find it difficult to fall asleep too.

Methods of aromatherapy

Those who are new to this concept in particular find it difficult to understand how this therapy works. Here are some methods of aromatherapy:


A diffuser is a machine that releases scent from the essential oil in the room. This machine maintains the level of scent in the room to boost the mood of an individual.



Essential oils are known to be quite potent. They have a strong fragrance and therefore must be mixed with a carrier oil to help relax and destress. Getting an aromatherapy massage from a professional in particular will help with mental health and your overall well being too.

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