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Did you know your body can create electromagnetic fields? According to Forbes, you’re a giant electric field on your own that holds atoms together. This is where the concept of human energy comes from. An energy system exists within you, and it takes an energy medicine practitioner to understand it.

What is energy medicine training?

Energy medicine comprises a range of therapeutic exercises that channel healing energy into the human body. The therapy is based on the interactions between human energy and other forms of energy fields. The goal is to wake the energy that brings greater vitality to your soul, mind, and body. The therapist does so by balancing the chemistry and regulating the hormones. Different energy medicine techniques include qi gong, kinesiology, yoga, acupuncture, and flow medicine.

How does energy medicine work?

Energy medicine works on the underlying principle that energy is a moving force that determines our health and happiness. For the body to be healthy, the energies need to have enough space to move around in specific patterns. An energy medicine therapist also helps different energies within your body to maintain their balance. It’s believed that prolonged stress, fatigue, and other conditions can disrupt this balance. When the body doesn’t feel healthy, the therapist identifies the disruptions and works on realigning them.

How to become an energy medicine practitioner?

Although working with your inner energies is everyone’s birthright, you still need formal certifications to help others heal. It’s also common for general physicians, chiropractic practitioners, massage therapists, and nurses to study energy medicine to supplement their training. This field enables you to make a difference in someone’s life. By making someone feel good about themselves and their health, you can become an agent of transformation.

An energy medicine curriculum includes courses on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, reflexology, kinesiology, pathology, chemistry and nutrition, natural health, anatomy, and digestive wellness. You can also opt for additional courses such as batch flower remedies and micro-circulation enhancement credit. An average diploma program goes on for five to six months (via distance learning).

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