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The eyes may be windows to the soul, but they reveal a lot about your physical wellbeing as well―iridology studies the connection between health and the iris. It’s a healing practice that allows specialists to analyze a person’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by observing the iris.

Iridology is a crucial evaluation tool in integrative wellness and holistic health practice. It’s only after a thorough study of this discipline and significant experience in the field that practitioners can interpret the iris and decipher health problems. Your healthcare provider may then prescribe dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes that’ll help improve your health.

As for what iridology reveals about your health, here are some key points.

Mental And Physical Health

Your iris is where thousands of nerves collect into a small space―the nerves are connected to different physiological systems through the brain. The nerves record changes in the body and signal them to the brain through impulses, which is then reflected in the iris.

Your iris also includes various muscle fibers and blood vessels. These are also data carriers, like nerves, that provide a deep insight about your health. The iris is also sensitive to variations in your health and registers any changes immediately―your iridologist can assess recovery process and alter their prescriptions based on an assessment of your iris.

An iris with signs of discoloration and spots.


Spots, discoloration and other abnormalities become visible in your iris when your body is inflamed. The fibers in your iris are quick to record changes in your health and portray them through your eyes. Once the symptoms become apparent, the medical practitioner will then use radial charts as reference to the part of your body where the problem lies.

The left and right eyes also offer useful information about the specific organs that are affected. The left eye and right eyes correspond to the left and right side of the body, respectively―allowing health practitioners to identify the exact location of the infection or ailment.

Potential Health Concerns

Your genetic makeup has a significant impact on your overall health. The genes affect the appearance of your irises and allow the iridologist to interpret your health condition. It offers information about present problems and potential health risks. If you’re predisposed to some medical conditions because of your genetic makeup, healthier lifestyle habits can help avert that risk. It enables you to focus on your health and prepare for the future.

At New Eden School Of Natural Health, we offer complementary and alternative health degree educational programs with holistic health practitioner training, including specialist training in iridology.

Founded by Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND, PhD—who is an expert in this field since 30 years, our institute has been a member of American Herbalist Guild and International Institute for Complementary Therapies as well.

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