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Reflexology comes from ancient Chinese medicine. It’s the study of how one part of the body relates to the other. This practice has grown in popularity over the years due to the deep relaxing effects it has on the body.

Our experts shed light on this form of alternative medicine:

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a specific form of massage that involves applying pressure to parts of the body to improve the symptoms felt in various organs. Reflexologists spend plenty of time studying and learning the human body to identify pressure points associated with various health issues.

Let’s say you have a headache, or you’re looking improve your menstrual health, a reflexologist will provide the right kind of massage on your hands and feet to improve your symptoms. Massaging the area between your index finger and thumb, for instance, can help with headaches.

The ideology behind reflexology

The ideology behind reflexology

Reflexology is a form of energy medicine. It harnesses the vital energy that each person has in their body. However, stress, and sadness can block the flow of this vital energy, making the body susceptible to disease. Reflexology improves the flow of energy within the body and prevents any energy blocks.

In ancient Chinese medicine, different parts of the hands, feet, and ears correspond to various part of the body. Reflexologists therefore apply the right amount of pressure to the area to help clients.

Other theories regarding this form of alternative medicine is that touching the skin of a person can calm the central nervous system.

Benefits of reflexology

Reduces anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety are two pressing issues the world faces today. Hectic jobs, the building pressure of doing well in school, financial issues, etc. can all lead to us feeling overwhelmed at all times. Consistently being ‘online’ and consuming content on social media also links directly to the way we feel. Amidst all of this, reflexology can make you feel calm, which in turn helps reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. However, we do want to stress that you should not rely on reflexology alone to keep blood pressure in control.

Boosts one’s mood

Since reflexology is a form of massage, it can really help release tension in the body too. Stress along with a sedentary lifestyle lead to stiffness in the body and pains and aches too. Reflexology helps with such symptoms and boosts your mood.

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