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The human brain is always switched on. It controls your thoughts and movements, even your senses. It performs many functions and is also at work while you’re asleep. Your brain therefore requires a constant supply of fuel to help it function. This fact got many experts wondering if nutrition plays a part in maintaining and improving mental health.

With mental health issues having reached an all-time high, we have now begun to understand how real mental health is and that it needs to be preserved at all costs. Employers, schools, and family members are now beginning to understand the need for mental health days.

Mental health is something we should focus on all the time and your nutrition can help you improve your mental space significantly.

Nutritious food prevents oxidative stress

Nutritious food prevents oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is when the brain creates free radicals while the human body uses oxygen. This happens on a regular basis and can damage the brain cells which can lead to imbalances in the brain’s chemical production which affect the way we feel. Good quality nutritious food acts as premium fuel that protects the brain from such damage. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is therefore essential to protect your brain.

Consuming low quality foods that has no low nutrition value makes your brain susceptible to cell damage. If you consume a diet high in refined sugars, it can be harmful to your brain.

Food affects the way you feel

The concept of comfort food greatly reinforces the idea that good food makes you feel better. However, this concept has led us to believe that unhealthy foods like a tub of ice-cream and a bucket of fried chicken is the way to feel better. However, such food makes you feel more lethargic and is bad for your overall health.

Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that induces sleep, regulates your moods, inhibits pain, and affects your appetite. Since serotonin is produced mainly in the G.I tract, it links the food you consume with your mood. Good bacteria in the gut protects the lining of the intestines, while toxins cause inflammation.

Various studies have confirmed this theory. The Mediterranean diet and Japanese diet have been found to reduce the risk of depression. These diets rely on healthy carbs and fats to promote overall wellness.

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