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The field of complementary medicine is growing at an exponential rate, largely due to the fact that more people than ever are looking for alternative remedies for their physical and mental health issues. A recent study found that an estimated 59 million people in the United States spend an average of $500 each year on complementary treatments.

From homeopathy to aromatherapy, traditional naturopathy is a vast field. It offers a range of practical approaches that provide relief from various health issues. However, with so many options for courses and degrees in alternative medicine, it can be difficult to choose the right career path.

Here is a list of the top careers in holistic health for 2020:

Nutrition and Wellness:

Getting proper nourishment lies at the heart of preventive medicine. Bad diets are among some of the biggest contributors to poor health and an unhealthy lifestyle. Making positive decisions around diet and how food is prepared keeps the body happy and healthy. A career in nutrition and wellness will allow you to help people make informed decisions about their diet, so they can be healthy.

Nutrition and Wellness


Aromatherapy has been used as a popular form of alternative medicine for centuries. The practice involves using natural plant extracts, and the body and brain’s reaction to their smells, to improve the overall health of a person.

Inhaling certain fragrances can have an actual physical impact on people, and aromatherapists use this to enhance both the physical and emotional health of their clients.

Energy Healing:

Energy healing is a popular holistic practice that removes emotional and physical blockages by activating the subtle energy systems in the body. By removing these blockages, energy healing stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and improves the overall balance of the body. There are a few different kinds of processes used under energy healing. The most popular include reflexology and massage therapy.

Energy Healing

Herbal Consultant:

Herbal medicine is the science of using various herbs to prevent illness and promote health and wellness.

An herbalist learns to grow raw herbs and manufacture various remedies that can be used for medical purposes. Herbal consultants are usually recommended to people who are seeking a more naturopathic treatment plan and wish to avoid any pharmaceutical drugs.

The biggest benefit of herbal remedies is the lack of side effects!

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