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If you want to become a naturopathic counselor or specialist, getting into an accredited naturopathic program is the first link in the chain. It’s okay to be a little overwhelmed before joining a naturopathic school. There isn’t much knowledge about them out there, since they’re not very widely heard of.

But there’s no cause for panic. We’ve put together a simple guide for you that will help you prepare for your preferred naturopathic program.

1. What are Your Options?

The New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Sciences offers 7 different courses: Associate Degree in Naturopathy, a 3-year Naturopath Diploma, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Degree, Naturopathic Practitioner Diploma, Naturopathic Counselor program, Professional Naturopath Degree, and Certified Naturopath Professional course.

So which one should you join? If you don’t already know which program you’re joining, read up about each to see which one you’re most interested in.

2. What are the Requirements?

As far as high school and prior education go, what do you need before joining a naturopathic school? For most of the programs and diplomas offered at the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Sciences, you just need a high school diploma or a GED.

For the doctorate-level programs, however, you’ll need to have completed an Associate Degree in Naturopathy (ADN) from either our school or a different one, or you can have a college Associate degree.

It’s not necessary that you come from a specific biochem background as such, but if you do have such a background, it will work out in your best interest.

Herbalist School

Naturopathic schools are like any other colleges; their programs and courses need a lot of serious work put in before you can graduate. We suggest you select your school according to (a) the proximity of their location to where you live and (b) the courses they’re offering and whether or not they’re offering what you’re interested in.

So, let’s say you’ve found a school in your state—that should be your first pick, given that it’s accredited. However, if you want a doctorate in naturopathy and the school doesn’t offer that, don’t be afraid to look beyond for the perfect fit.

Finding Out More about the New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Sciences

The New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Sciences is based in South Bend, Indiana, and offers a variety of courses, diplomas, degrees, and doctorates in Naturopathy. You can find out more about our programs here or reach out to us directly. We also offer online courses.