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New Eden Offers the Following Single Courses:

Please complete an application before purchasing a course (see Apply Now).                        No application fee is required for taking single courses.

Single courses are a great way to fulfill your CEU (continuing education) requirements.

One credit equals 15-16 classroom (actual) hours.

Anatomy & Physiology Credit 4 

Natural Health & Nutrition Credit 3

Dietary Wellness for Life Credit 2

Amino Acid Therapy Credit 2

Chemistry & Nutrition Credit 2

Natural Health Approaches I Credit 2

Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity Credit 1

Effective Modalities & Products for Optimal Health and Wellness Credit 1

Herbology Credit 4 

Healing Foods Credit 2

Iris Analysis Credit 4 

Faith Based Iridology (F.B.I) Credit 1

Reflexology Credit 3 

Homeopathy Credit 3 

Holistic Nutrition Credit 5

Energy Medicine Credit 2

Aromatherapy Credit 3 

Nutritional Herbology Credit

Herbal Preparations Credit 4

Bach Flower Remedies Credit 2

Wellness Coaching Credit 2 

Cancer, GMO's and Vaccines Credit 4

Whole Foods Credit 4

Anti-Aging and Longevity Approaches Credit 2 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Credit 2 

Natural Health Approaches from the Bible Credit 3    

Biblical Wellness Credit 4

Correct Thinking Patterns for Health and Wholeness Credit 2

Original Medicine Approaches Credit 2

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Credit 2

The Certified Wellness Consultant (C.W.C) Course Credit 8

The Natural Health and Spiritual Wellness Course Credit 3

Tuition: 60.00 Per Credit Hour

Go to the Description of Courses
 section  and Click on it  then select
the course(s) desired and add to cart for payment.
Other single courses may be available to take with the permission of the New Eden School.

Tuition includes course instructions, open book exams and instructor access.
Textbooks and some eBooks are not included. A grade report will be emailed with the completion of the exam(s).

* A Certificate of Completion is awarded for each course completed. 

* The certificate(s) is emailed upon completion of the course.

Note: With the completion of the Whole foods, Healing foods, and the Whole food Assessment (see Description of Courses) courses, a Certificate of Completion in Whole Food Medicine Approaches is awarded.

Most of the textbooks required by New Eden School are available at a discount via: