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A herbal medicine pot.
Herbal medicine is a burgeoning field. You can always land a job in the field of academia, clinical practice, or even Read more
A man performing qi gong on a beach.
Did you know your body can create electromagnetic fields? According to Forbes, you’re a giant electric field on your own that Read more
Nutrition Tips For Winters
Along with freezing temperatures, shorter days and winter blues, winters bring about a lack of energy too. Read more
Aromatherapy is a natural healing treatment that utilizes plants' extracts to promote emotional, physical, and mental wellness and health. It’s also Read more
Here's an infographic about eating healthy and looking healthy: Read more
Essential Oils - An Infographic - Feat
Following is an infographic on essential oils: Read more
Have you ever experienced the heady sense of calm after smelling a flower or a lotion fragranced with natural essential Read more
A close-up of the iris with visible traces of the vessels and nerves around the pupil.
The eyes may be windows to the soul, but they reveal a lot about your physical wellbeing as well―iridology studies the Read more
A healthy breakfast bowl with a good mix of fresh veggies and grains.
Overall physical wellness is often considered a direct result of a fitness routine―that's a big misconception. A healthy diet is Read more
How aromatherapy can help with depression
Aromatherapy has been used in alternative medicine for centuries now. It’s the practice of using scents to improve the overall Read more